Zachary Carr is a local Fort Collins artist whose high perception and unequivocal wit shines in the forefront of his creations. His roots stretch across the country to the shores of Lake Michigan where he was born and raised. As a recent Fort Collins transplant, he finds inspiration in Colorado’s pure beauty, hiking trails, & water sports. The bevy of breweries, music scene and art community in the area are just some of the many catalysts responsible for Zachary’s artistry coming alive.  


A lover of all things outdoors, music, and connectivity, Zachary’s interests culminate in a very unique fashion. Each one of his unique pieces incorporates recycled materials collected throughout all of his experiences. Once purposeful items such as maps, concert tickets, and craft beer packaging are repurposed into indelible pieces of art symbolic of life.


As Zachary continues harmoniously pursuing the activities that make him feel alive, his art will follow.  Expanding his daily pursuits and adventures not only allows Zachary’s art to grow along side him but it awards him the opportunity to expand as a creator.  Working with new recyclable mediums he is granted the ability to try something for the first time in both his daily life and in his creative expression.

Please email carrscreative@gmail.com for any commission requests or custom work orders